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MADE IN USA Handcrafted in our Los Angeles Workshop




Photographer Tom Bender takes the Utility Daypack and Backpack Bucket around the world and back. Here's what he has to say about it.    

KS: When shopping for travel gear, what is a key feature you look for?

TB: Ease of access is crucial, especially when traveling. I don't pack much when I'm on the road, but I always need my camera, a few lenses, my laptop, and some charging cables to say the least. Having all of that gear stored in its own pocket or compartment without it being cluttered together is major, especially when you're in and out of your bag all day long


KS: What is your go-to KILLSPENCER product and why?

TB: Spencer outfitted the "Utility Daypack" with a camera-insert before I went to Iceland which made it beyond helpful to switch a battery or two in the freezing nordic temperatures. It rained a few times which sparked my nerves, but the bag proved me wrong. If you don't mind flight attendants asking you the same question over and over again, "where did you get your backpack?", then you should consider buying it.



Photography by Tom Bender @tombender