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MADE IN USA Handcrafted in our Los Angeles Workshop



We developed hundreds of prototypes and different ways to make our mask. Not a single stitch is used in its creation, rather the entire thing is bonded together. The result is the KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask, regarded as one of the most protective masks on the market.

Evers Pund and Martin Taube approached us with an idea to create a film for the mask, using a mix of film techniques and animation—to communicate what we are all experiencing right now.

“We developed the idea that masks allow for human connection. Rather than keep us apart as symbols of disease, masks can be beautiful accessories that empower us. Rather than being limiting, the mask can be an opportunity,” said Evers.

Martin had this image in his head of two worlds once ripped apart coming together as one. Mending.

He commented, “This was really the foundation for the whole piece moving forward. In a way, the concept is as simple as two humans going from point A to point B, but what we did was add an emotional impact in that journey. As well as some footage of the mask. 

In the end, we leave the viewer with a strange sensation of uncertainty. It feels a bit melancholic, because that’s exactly what we are all feeling right now. An underlying sadness. But we also wanted to inspire a glimpse of hope through the story. Perhaps this mask is a way to strengthen our bond as people. We wear it to get closer to one another, to feel human.” 


Released on September 10, 2020
Film by Evers Pund and Martin Taube @ev.ers @martintaube