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Apollo Grey SST and Pigeon Pink Leather
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MADE IN U.S.A.: KILLSPENCER has partnered with entrepreneur Jeff Staple, founder of creative agency Reed Art Dept and streetwear brand STAPLE to create a one-of-a-kind KILLSPENCER x STAPLE SST Face Mask, incorporating the pigeon pink colorway and pigeon logo.

- 4 high quality, heavy grade layers of Meltblown and Spunbond polypropylene material; advanced generation and highly protective fabrics
- VFE Efficiency > 97% (Viral Particles .03 microns) **Covid particles
- BFE Efficiency > 99% (Bacterial particles .1 microns)
- PFE Efficiency > 99% (Latex Particles .1 microns)
- Breathability rate of 4.8-5.1 mmH20/cm2
- Biocompatible with the human body4.8-5.1 mmH20/cm2
- Biocompatible with the human body
- 99.9% UV resistant, water and liquid repellent, surfactant resistant
- Features a breathable barrier allowing air to circulate, while keeping moisture and contaminants out
- Washable, quick-drying, mold and mildew resistant, inhibits the growth of bacteria
- Reusable, long-lasting, will not stretch or shrink
- Welded construction, soft and non-abrasive
- Comfortable elastic ear loops, form-fitting nose piece
- Structure keeps mouth away from face, wicks sweat and allows for airflow
- Black leather or white leather detailing with KILLSPENCER® gold foil logo
* For corporate logo customizations, please email orders@killspencer.com


*This is a personal use item and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please follow the suggested Sizing Guide. Discounts cannot be applied.

CARE: Gently hand-wash with soap and water, rinse, and air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. The longevity of the material is based on usage and care. Suggested use 3-4 months.
USE: With logo side out, stretch over face using ear loops and pinch nose-piece to the contour of nose and cheeks. Avoid touching the front of the mask by using the side leather details to adjust or remove. These are designed to be an alternative face covering when out in public. Do not touch the eyes, nose, or mouth when removing or adjusting the mask. Wash hands immediately after removing. Follow CDC guidelines for further instruction on use.
PACKAGING: Comes in a patented waterproof and reusable bag designed to keep your face mask safe.
TESTING: The KILLSPENCER SST Face Mask has undergone independent testing by a leading third-party laboratory to ensure proper filtration and breathability.
DISCLAIMER: These ARE NOT to be used in place of the N95, surgical or procedural masks. These are not regulated by the CDC and are not FDA approved. Oils and makeup from face can stain mask material. Natural wear and tear of material may happen with excessive washing.

WEIGHT: Approximately 3 oz.

Material Options
Material Options
Apollo Grey SST and Pigeon Pink Leather
4 high quality, heavy grade layers of Meltblown and Spunbond polypropylene material. Welded construction, soft, non-abrasive, UV resistant, and surfactant resistant. Includes white leather detailing.