Who We Are

Founded in 2009. We design and build premium artifacts that reflect our passion for materials and timeless craftsmanship. Our philosophy is based on the principle that every handmade product is engineered for performance and utility. Headquartered in California, our heritage is rooted in our ability to create. Dream It. Build It.

Spencer Nikosey

KILLSPENCER® starts with Spencer Nikosey—a Los Angeles-based industrial designer. A graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, his inspiration for performance, functionality and quality are inherent to everything he touches.


Giving a relentless effort in order to always improve—even if it kills me. That unwavering drive to succeed is what the KILLSPENCER® name stands for. It’s a nod to ingenuity in construction and the constant pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship.  

Our Heritage

From the beginning. Our heritage started in 2008, when a college course required students to visit a WWII Military Yard. It was here where the story of KILLSPENCER® evolved the idea that absolute function is artistic in nature.



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