$ 89.00
Black Paracord
Details + Dimensions

MADE IN U.S.A.: Comfortably soft yet exceptionally durable, our best-selling Camera Strap is the most minimal design and construction on the market. This strap is the perfect blend of form and function, available in a variety of high-quality materials and colorways. 

- Premium bridle leather and paracord
- Hand-threaded using waxed linen thread
- Stainless split ring on each end
- Virtually tangle-free and unbreakable

LEATHER ADDITION: Upgrade your strap with the deluxe leather-wrapped option for optimal comfort and stability.

48" end to end. Non-adjustable. ⅜" paracord, (2) ⅝" split rings

WEIGHT: Approximately 2.5 oz

Material Options
Material Options
Paracord and Ultra-Tech Cord
Paracord is a highly durable, virtually tangle-free cord comprised of nylon and polyester with excellent flexibility and knot-holding capability. Ultra-Tech Cord is a technical, double-braided rope woven with Dyneema® intended for high-performance wear.