CARD CARRIER 3.0 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8
$ 79.00
Black Leather
Details + Dimensions

Simplify your everyday carry with the ultra-slim Precision Pocket® Card Carrier 3.0 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The protective case features a patented Flat Spring that holds up to 4 cards in the most minimal structure possible so you can travel light or ditch your wallet for good.

- Genuine pebbled leather
- Microfiber lining and black metal side buttons
- Patented Flat Spring
- Optional 2mm thick paracord Utility Strap
- Securely holds 1-4 cards, recommend max of 3 cards (fits Apple Card)
- Works with most magnetic car mounts
- Case must be removed for wireless charging
- Designed in U.S.A. / Made in P.R.C.
- US Design Patent and US Utility Patent

5.5” x 2.65” (fits iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 perfectly), Utility Strap opening 2.5”

WEIGHT: Approximately .1 oz

Material Options
Material Options
Black Leather
Full grain leather is leather that has not been corrected in any way beyond the original hair removal, allowing the natural markings and character of the leather to show through.