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MADE IN USA Handcrafted in our Los Angeles Workshop



Using our black leather as a canvas to highlight the beauty of nature through her creative lens, De Iuliis handpainted a hide of leather that was then carefully crafted into a one-of-a-kind V-1 Bag.

The bags are handcrafted in our state-of-the-art Los Angeles HQ where we design, develop and manufacture all of our products. 
The KILLSPENCER x Velia De Iuliis V-1 Bag is a collaborative extension of our recent V-1 Bag release, which is available online for purchase.

Here's what De Iuliis has to say about her experience and process as an artist, as well as the collaboration.

KS: When did you start painting? How did you get into it?

V: For as long as I can remember, I have always been creating; it always felt instinctual and over time evolved into a painting career. I originally resisted the world of fine-art; it made more sense to straddle design and illustration, however my passion for painting prevailed and felt inevitable. Painting consented me to fully express my ideas with a newly found freedom and control. Ironically, it was my paintings that opened up avenues to collaborations with designers and companies that transformed my paintings from canvas to product; fulfilling the desire of merging the worlds of design and art.

KS: Who are some of your favorite artists? Who do you grab inspiration from?

V: If I think of contemporary artists it would be James Turrell of whom I’m a HUGE fan. His work continues to rekindle a sense of wonder in me along with the sheer beauty and elegance of his installations. I’ve always admired 16/17th century flemish portrait and still-life paintings and just to name a few of the greats: Caravaggio, Van Gogh and Monet...

KS: What have you learned about your process as a painter?

V: That no matter how many shortcuts present themselves, slow and accurate is key to ensuring the quality desired. I find great joy in the process of painting and adding the final details.

KS: What do you do when you experience a creative block?

V: Get out of the studio! No sense in pushing through it as it tends to be fruitless. Boxing, surfing, running, dancing: exercise is key for creative rejuvenation and reinvigoration.

KS: Have you ever worked with leather prior to this collaboration? Do you have a consistent preference on what material you paint on, or do you like experimenting with new textures?

V: I generally paint on stretched canvas and linen but I have also worked on leather a few times. I’m intrigued to play with different materials; it has a very different ‘give' and tautness compared to that of my usual painting surfaces. It’s a fun challenge!

KS: What inspired the colors, pattern, and design for this project?

V: I wanted to create a composition that captures the feeling and intimacy of flora inspired by nature's amazing ability to combine the diversity of foliage and the gentle variations of color. The subtle preciousness of the lines and marks not only reflecting but celebrating the beauty and geometry of the bag.


Velia De Iuliis splits her time between the Bay Area & Los Angeles, CA. Her paintings predominantly reflect her fascination with symmetry seen in nature, in contrast to the chaos that can be found in an urban world. Velia De Iuliis works from a standpoint of preservation. Her rich gouache & oil paintings pop with endangered plants on sharp backgrounds. By giving these threatened species new life on the canvas, de Iuliis reinvigorates admiration and refocuses attention on the fleeting flowers that may disappear completely in our lifetime. More than a floral painter, De Iuliis uses her art as a call to action and the paintings live on as time capsules. Because these plants are still surviving in their fragmented environments, the works act as a celebration as well as a resource.


Released on February 5, 2020
Velia De Iuliis @veliadeiuliis
Photography by Madi Clark and Ryan Strongin @ryanstrongin